If you’ve read much of my blog, you have heard Emily Smiley’s name mentioned many times. She is one of the best wedding coordinators in San Diego.

For the last few weddings, she has been very pregnant. In fact, at the last one I thought she might go into labor during the wedding! Fortunately she didn’t. I was still amazed that she was working at all, let alone running around working 12 hour days at her weddings. But since we usually book weddings more than a year in advance, there’s no way to know that she would be 9 months pregnant at all the weddings she booked!

But since the birth of her second son was going to happen soon, she asked me if I could come to the hospital to shoot some portraits of her newborn son. I was honored to do it especially since Emily knows a LOT of photographers!

Well, I got the call on Monday night and went to the hospital the next day for some portraits of Carson.

When I arrived at the hospital, I could hear Emily talking on the phone. But it wasn’t a personal call, she was calling vendors and making arrangements for her upcoming weddings. Less than 24 hours after giving birth, she’s working from her hospital bed! Now that’s dedication. That’s the coordinator I would want to hire to work on my wedding…

Here’s the first scene I saw when I entered her room:
(The baby is in the bassinet sleeping.)

CSM0003 3295FCC blog carson ©2011 Darin Fong Photography

Here’s a few more photos:

CSM0298 3590FSEP blog carson ©2011 Darin Fong Photography

CSM0626 3918FSEP blog carson ©2011 Darin Fong Photography

CSM0675 3967FSEP blog carson ©2011 Darin Fong Photography

.CSM0413 3705FCC blog carson ©2011 Darin Fong Photography.CSM0477 3769FBW blog carson ©2011 Darin Fong Photography.CSM0557 3849FCC blog carson ©2011 Darin Fong Photography.CSM0756 4048FBW blog carson ©2011 Darin Fong Photography.CSM0770 4062FSEP blog carson ©2011 Darin Fong Photography

Click here to see the slideshow. 

Congratulations Emily, Trent and Wyatt!

PinExt carson ©2011 Darin Fong Photography
  1. Chung Nguyen posted the following on December 19, 2008 at 5:19 pm.

    Such amazing, amazing images. Wow.

  2. MsBunn.com posted the following on August 3, 2008 at 10:15 pm.

    What an awesome slideshow! I just love newborns — they’re so wrinkly and curly! haha! BTW, what do you use to create your slideshow! I like how it didn’t take forever to buffer to playback.

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